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PHP Database Form Lite edition is FREE. The Lite edition can have up to 6 form elements. The paid version has no such restriction. We do not provide technical support to the Lite version.

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Basic 99
1 Developer
1 Site
MySQL Only
3 Months Free Upgrade

Licensing Details

A single developer license enables one developer to use PHP Database Form for development purpose.

The site runtime license is targeted at developers using PHP Database Form in production web sites. One site runtime license is required for each production web site.

Free upgrade
Eligible number of years to receive free product update/upgrade and technical support.

Source Code
In PHP Database Form Basic and Profession the source code is encrypted and obfuscated for digital distribution. Only in Enterprise license it includes source code. Enterprise users can customize the PHP Database Form to suit their needs.

Can be re-distributed to other companies royalty free as part of your product.