Read Only Fields

When editing existing records on a form, you can set certain fields to be read only. set_readonly() method takes an array of fields that are read only during editing.

Note that you can only set read only fields when editing existing data. You cannot fields to be read only during new data entry. If you do not want a field to be editable when entering new data, you can hide a field from displaying using set_hide().

$dbForm = new C_DatabaseForm("SELECT * FROM Employees", "EmployeeID", "Employees");
$dbForm -> set_label("EmployeeID", "Employee ID");
$dbForm -> set_label("LastName", "Last Name");
$dbForm -> set_label("FirstName", "First Name");
$dbForm -> set_label("BirthDay", "DOB");
$dbForm -> set_hide("Extension");
$dbForm -> set_hide("hireDate");
$dbForm -> set_placeholder('Title', 'official job title');
$dbForm -> add_group_header("EmployeeID", "Basic Info");
$dbForm -> add_group_header("Email", "Contact Info");
$dbForm -> add_tooltip("BirthDate", "Enter employee birth date"); // tooltip supports HTML as well
$dbForm -> set_readonly(array('EmployeeID, LastName'));
$dbForm -> display();

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